Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Introducing the MIN-Corps Toolbox

Many academics and entrepreneurs have asked us for the information and tools we use in the MIN-Corps Lean LaunchPad programs.  We are proud to offer the MIN-Corps Toolbox, which includes videos, PowerPoints, and other materials for innovators embarking on their own commercialization process or entrepreneurial journey.

The MIN-Corps Toolbox resource site covers the following topics:

Val prop yellow

    Getting Started Yellow
  • Value Proposition Design – What are customers trying to achieve? How can you help them?
  • Customer Discovery & Market Assessment – How do you "get out of the building" to learn from potential customers? How do you determine if you have a viable market?
  • Pathway to Commercialization – If you've achieved product-market fit, what are the steps needed to get out into the marketplace?

  • Planning – What does the comprehensive business model look like?  How will you document your business plan?
  • Pitching – How can you get decision makers intrigued in your idea?  How will you get them to take the conversation to the next step?
  • Funding – What’s your funding strategy?  What are some funding sources?

IP Yellow 
  • Patentability & Public Disclosure – What IP protections are relevant to different types of innovations?  What does this mean for academic discourse?
  • Office for Technology Commercialization – What can you expect from a tech transfer office? What does the process look like?   

    More resources yellow

  • University of Minnesota – What are the U’s entrepreneurship, commercialization and translational research programs and centers?  Who do you contact?
  • Lean LaunchPad – How do you get an overview of the Lean Startup Process? What’s the latest?
  • Other Resources – Videos and other material from Kauffman Founders School and other respected sources.

Contact us with suggestions for additional tools you would find useful. Good luck!