Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3D Printing and Bionics Seminar Was Amazing

Over 100 students, faculty and industry people came in bright and early on the morning of Saturday, February 28 to gather for an amazing half-day seminar on 3D Printing and Bionics.  Mike McAlpine (currently at Princeton, in the process of moving to the U of Minnesota!) gave a keynote talk discussing his breakthrough research using using a combination of 3D scanning and printing technologies to enable multidimensional integration of functional electronic components with biological tissue and organs.

Thank you to  Ping Yeh of StemoniX, Jon Cobb of Stratasys, and Derek Mathers of Worrell for a stimulating panel discussion with Mike and the audience.  What amazing potential to improve lives.  The seminar then turned to tech commercialization concepts for bringing ideas out of the lab into the marketplace, led by Toby Nord and Carla Pavone, both faculty members at the Carlson School.