Monday, March 16, 2015

Technology Commercialization Seminar on March 28: Tapping the Potential of Plant Genomics

Tapping the Potential of Plant Genomics
A MIN-Corps/3M Technology Commercialization Seminar
7:30am – Noon Saturday, March 28
Room 1-107 Hanson Hall, 1925 4th Street S, Minneapolis, MN 5545

Is genome engineering the key to the next Green Revolution?  Join groundbreaking academic and industry leaders in this half-day seminar to explore the potential of commercializing plant genetic engineering to increase the quantity and quality of the world’s food supply while reducing adverse environmental impact.

Dan Voytas will review advances in precisely genetically engineering plants to withstand pests, have enhanced nutritional value, and grow on marginal lands   Dr. Voytas is Professor of Genetics, Cell Biology and Development, and Director of the UMN’s Center for Genome Engineering.  He also is Chief Science Officer of Cellectis Plant Sciences, and recently received the University of Minnesota’s first Entrepreneurial Researcher award.  

Dr. Voytas will be joined by industry panelists to discuss the commercial, social, and environmental implications of this break-through technology.  Panelists will include Ben Lang (CEO of the Minnesota Crop Improvement Association) and Doug Cameron (Co-President of First Green Partners.  The second half of the seminar will be a workshop on commercialization opportunity identification and lean startup principles, led by Carla Pavone (Associate Director of the Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship).