Friday, January 13, 2017

MIN-Corps Spring 2017 Programs

MIN-Corps offers a full suite of non-credit seminars on technology commercialization and innovation-based startups.  Classes are free to UMN students, staff & faculty, and also open (some for a fee) to non-U participants.

Innovation Commercialization Bootcamps

Commercialization introduction, including value proposition design, customer discovery & intellectual property.

Value Proposition Design Workshops

Four hands-on sessions cover the following:  product-market fit, customer discovery, pathway to commercialization, market assessment. $3,000 minigrants available for customer research & prototyping.

Emerging Opportunities Forums

Strategy Clinics

Current and future science and tech entrepreneurs share a meal, hear from experts, and seek advice.

Office for Technology Commercialization Venture Center Seminars

For UMN faculty, staff and students considering a startup based on inventions emerging from their research.